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What is the CCPA and how is it different from the GDPR?

Nearly two years since its introduction, businesses are growing accustomed to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a piece of legislation that puts power back in the hands of consumers when it comes to how their own data is used and who has it. Compliance with the GDPR may have seemed like a […]

6 ways malware can bypass endpoint protection

Malware attacks are growing more and more numerous. They find most success against those with little protection, but they are also overwhelming endpoint security measures using various methods that are always evolving and improving, just like endpoint security measures themselves. Learning how to challenge this growing threat means understanding what attackers are actually doing and […]

Is AI fundamental to the future of cybersecurity?

Everyone has been talking about artificial intelligence since the mid-90s, if not earlier, but AI is only just now starting to develop as a breakthrough technology with foundations in reality. While it’s only now coming onto the scene in a significant way, it’s already safe to compare AI to the internet and smartphones in terms […]

Top healthcare cybersecurity trends

Healthcare is perhaps the most vulnerable industry to cyber threats at this time. The value of medical documents on the black market has helped paint a large target on healthcare infrastructure, several unique factors in the industry have made efficient cybersecurity particularly challenging and the consequences of cyberattacks are more serious in the healthcare industry […]

Top cybersecurity risks and problems in healthcare

The healthcare industry is struggling, and not just with high costs or a shortage of practitioners. Healthcare has a cybersecurity problem. Reports and studies indicate that the healthcare industry is currently bearing the brunt of ransomware attacks while U.S. authorities in 2017 stated that cybersecurity in healthcare was in “critical condition.” While cyberthreats to national […]

Cybersecurity in healthcare: Vulnerable where it matters most

The power of big data is evident today in a wide range of industries and businesses, but nowhere are the implications bigger than in healthcare. After all, the healthcare industry isn’t primarily about profit, it’s about something far more important: saving lives. And big data is making healthcare providers far more efficient at doing just […]

The disasters you can avoid by tackling cybersecurity on time

We tend to put off preventative measures whenever possible. Even when we know better, we often put ourselves in reactionary position against threats rather than taking a proactive, grab-life-by-the-horns approach. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to understand how this happens: You’re swamped with other projects critical to your development and you’re probably trying to save […]

Everything you need to know about ISO 27001

Information security is a top priority for anyone dealing with any kind of data these days. The general public has become more aware of this issue with public cases of attacks like that on Target in 2013 and privacy is valued by internet users more than ever. There are many ways to build up your […]

Everything you need to know about PCI DSS

Depending on the size of your business and the product or service you provide, there are several kinds of regulations and standards you want to be in complete compliance with to both protect and guide your growth. Many of these will differ from business to business, but one of the most common standards that companies […]

What is compliance and why do you need it?

A high level of competition in an ever-more globalized economy makes it tough for a business to stand out from the crowd and establish itself as an industry player. You have to be creative with marketing and management, and be backed up by an honestly great product. But before you can even begin to think […]

What’s involved in the risk assessment process?

We assess risks all the time in our daily lives. Is that knife sharp enough to cut me? Is my child safe with the babysitter? Are there cars coming, or can I cross the street? Most of these decisions can be made automatically, instinctually without too much conscious thought going into them. And yet, our […]

What is risk assessment and why is it important?

Lots of activities in life are risky. Everything from driving to investing in a startup involves some form of risk, but as the saying goes: No pain, no gain. The trick is learning to mitigate – or manage – these risks to reduce the chances of disaster. We can mitigate risks by training and educating […]

What does cyberservices really mean?

When you want to take the safety of your networks into your own hands, you need to look for “cyberservices”. But what does that actually mean? Expectations can ruin relationships and set you up for failure, but knowing what to expect can let you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. So, what can you […]

Why PT is so important for your business

Why penetration testing is so important for your business The vast majority of businesses with any sort of online presence or electronic network are waking up to the urgency of maintaining security in cyberspace. Abilities developed by hackers in recent years have even put small-medium-size business in their scopes, even if the cyber stories you […]

Different kinds of PT

All the kinds of pen testing you should know about If you’re here, you’re probably turning your attention to your company’s cybersecurity. Welcome, and good job – you’re doing the right thing. Cybersecurity is a major issue for every business to confront these days and it’s an increasingly complex topic, requiring input from industry professionals […]

What is penetration testing?

Who knows more about security than those who are able to breach it? The thief who gets the jewel from the museum must have utilized some flaw in the security system that no one recognized before and the hacker that steals data or plants a virus does so thanks to a cyber vulnerability that slipped […]

Simply put: How we at GRSee increase your security

Running a business means focusing on growth. You want to bring your products and services to as many people as possible because you believe in what you do; you want to increase profits to hire more workers and expand operations, so you invest your efforts in PR and customer care. These activities make sense and, […]

How to Avoid These Five PCI-DSS Pitfalls

Kudos to you for taking credit card data security seriously! You’re likely feeling good about taking that big step to properly secure your customer’s credit card data by becoming PCI DSS accredited. And you should! However, did you know that compliance alone does not necessarily guarantee data security? Here are five things to look out […]

Why Do I need to be ISO 27001 Certified?

Have you been thinking about having your organization ISO 27001 certified but not sure if it’s really “worth the hassle?” For those less familiar with ISO 27001: 2013, it is the global information security standard that delineates the best practices to manage information security risk. Below are 4 items to consider before making your final […]

A Worthwhile Resolution for 2019

New Year’s Resolutions. We all have them. They often sound something like this: “This year I’m going to eat less, exercise more, and be a better spouse/parent/employee/person…” and the list goes on. Sometimes we follow through for a week, or even a month. But usually we don’t stick to it for very long. Well here […]

Your company is going international. What about your cybersecurity?

If your company is approaching new markets overseas, cybersecurity should be a primary concern. Regulatory environments, compliance, and privacy laws differ significantly from country to country and protecting your data, as well as that of your customers, are of great importance. Being prepared in advance will help you enter your new market quickly so you […]

Preparing for the GDPR: What You Need to Know

The GDPR becomes law in May of 2018. If your company does business with any EU citizen or entity, you need to be prepared for this new law, which is designed to protect and strengthen the privacy for all individuals residing in the European community. The law applies to any business or public-sector entity that retains […]

The GDPR is the Biggest Thing since SOX

To those of you who have been dealing with data governance and compliance issues since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) appeared on the scene in 2002 – are you having flashbacks yet? Once again, we are facing new, exceedingly strict regulations coming down the pike and once again, there are serious budgetary concerns around developing a […]

5 simple steps for GDPR compliance

As the GDPR deadline of May 25, 2018 creeps closer, our thoughts turn to compliance and how to achieve it without losing any (more) hair in the process. If you have been putting off making the necessary adjustments to your data security, privacy, and governance policies and procedures, keep in mind that the clock is […]