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Running a business means focusing on growth. You want to bring your products and services to as many people as possible because you believe in what you do; you want to increase profits to hire more workers and expand operations, so you invest your efforts in PR and customer care. These activities make sense and, performed correctly, directly contribute to your prosperity.
Ideally, you should be free to focus on these kinds of initiatives that directly support growth. But without a solid behind-the-scenes backbone of security, compliance and risk management, even great momentary success can be painfully reversed in the blink of an eye. GRSee addresses these concerns for you, so you can pursue other tasks safe in the knowledge that none of these three critical areas are being ignored.

Your freedom, our focus

While you dive into all the other business activities you need to pursue to thrive, GRSee handles three elements that are even built into our name. GRSee stands for GRC, or Governance, Risk management and Compliance. Without solid footing in these three areas, your business could face future losses to legal problems encountered when trying to adhere to new and complex regulations or cyber-attacks and other related threats. It’s best to put these concerns to rest before encountering any real mishaps.

Let’s take a closer look at what we do every day to ensure that businesses like yours are safe, compliant and built to weather any storm:

  1. Compliance – GRSee aims to bring your business into full compliance with security standards and related information and data regulations. ISO 27001 directly addresses the overall security of your systems and governance while PCI DSS is a standard that must be met by any business accepting card payments. Meanwhile, Europe’s GDPR helps protect user data and the CCPA aims to do the same in California.
  2. Cyber security – In our connected world, even the best business concepts can be brought down by ignorance of potential cyber threats. Depending on who you are and what you do, these threats could come from individual hackers looking to steel or cause trouble just for fun, politically motivated groups that aim to disrupt or corrupt your efforts, or even advanced and well-coordinated governments around the world. Maintaining cyber security has never been more important for a business or its customers.

GRSee offers a wide range of cyber services and a team of experts with over 20 years’ experience in the field. With penetration testing and Advanced Persistent Threat Simulation, we simulate attacks on your computer system, application infrastructure or otherwise to ensure that defenses are up to snuff and to reveal any vulnerabilities that need paying attention to. We also review the entire architecture of your digital infrastructure to identify potential weaknesses that could be exploited.

  1. Risk management – This is closely related to our cyber security work. Our experts provide ongoing analyses and assessments of the risks your business faces and aims to help you keep operations in line with global information security standards. Meeting them tells everyone else that your business is safe.

To this end, we also give businesses the opportunity to adopt one of our experts as their CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), who takes charge of security operations and acts as an ongoing advisor and consultant for all cyber security issues as well as formulating and overseeing tailor-made long-term security strategies.
We can tackle all of these issues with you, making sure your business is following the best practices that boost confidence and reduce the number of unforeseen but completely avoidable roadblocks you might encounter on the road to success. Based in California, New York and Israel, we already provide service to global brands like 888, Fiverr and Amdocs. In this way, our work doesn’t only make you free to focus on other areas of business, our involvement also contributes in more direct ways to your growth and prosperity.

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