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Streamlining Your Compliance

Suffering from “Audit Fatigue?” It’s time for continuous compliance. GRSee Consulting is a full service “compliance umbrella” agency. We help unpack your compliance complexities and take ownership on your continuous compliance maintenance

Scaling Your Compliance Program

As your company expands offerings and adds new clients, the compliance burden grows heavier and more cumbersome – your current plan may not be built to scale. It seems like you’re constantly chasing evidence, preparing for customer security due diligence, filling out endless client questionnaires, as well as industry auditors – and some of these are completely unanticipated.

GRsee Consulting - The End to Audit Fatigue

Let the experts at GRSee Consulting take ownership over your continuous and active compliance maintenance, future proofing your compliance posture for the ever changing regulations and market demands: Reducing costs, removing blind spots, last minute sprints and giving you a clear roadmap and annual plan for better resource allocation.
Compliance Strategy Review
We deconstruct your current compliance strategy, digging deep, speaking to all stakeholders involved, identifying redundancies, pinpointing inefficiencies and analyzing new opportunities for better compliance execution, preventing audit fatigue.
Customized Compliance Strategy
Based on our review, we provide you with a detailed plan of action for the most efficient path to ongoing compliance.
We refine you compliance roadmap, plugging in all activities and services including: Ongoing penetration testing, maintaining SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and PCI DSS compliance and we help take the constant “evidence chase” and audit prep off your plate.
Continuous Compliance Program
No more scrambling and sprints before audits - be audit-ready year round with continuous support. Our unique “Know your Auditor” approach gives you an open line to our auditors for direct guidance on compliance for any changes to your environment, products or applications, as well as new regulations and market shifts.


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