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End to End Security and
Compliance Needs

Trust the experts to ensure you’re compliant from day one
and be ready for any security due diligence before you go to market

Compliance and Security is a Complex Process - It Doesn’t Have to Be!

You’ve spent the last year or more building the technology that will transform your market. You’re almost at the golden go to market phase, you have calls set up with top companies – exciting times! And suddenly – they start asking questions about compliance and security, you start scrambling and realize – these compliance processes can set you back at least a year.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

GRSee Consulting is a full service “compliance umbrella” agency. We assess your unique compliance roadmap and security due diligence needs – both the knowns and the unknowns – and create a tailor-made plan of execution – ensuring compliance for your market and clients. We work hand in hand with you, simplifying complexities to ensure a seamless execution of your compliance strategy/program.

Compliance Strategy Review
A free consultation session where we take the veil off of the unknowns in compliance and give you visibility and clarity on the road ahead and what your next 6 months would look like. No commitment required.
Customized Compliance Strategy
Based on our assessment, we provide you with a detailed plan of action for the fastest path to achieve your compliance, security or business needs.
We take the wheel steering your compliance needs - getting you ready for your first deal: SOC2 or ISO27001, Penetration Tests, HIPAA Readiness, PCI DSS, whatever your unique path might be. We prepare the organization and even serve as Auditors for certain certifications. We partner with you, taking the load on us and giving you the peace of mind that there’s an Owner for the process.
Continuous Compliance Program
After compliance is achieved, let us be your Virtual CISO, future proofing your compliance - always on top of changes in regulations and new market demands - ensuring that your security compliance posture is always aligned with your stakeholders’ requirements.


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