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In this episode I’ve interviewed Mr. Tal Arad, the CISO of Carslberg. We’ve spoken a lot about beer. And alcohol in general. And a bit about cyber security, vendor relationship and beer again.Join us to find out how many brands of beer Carlsberg has under its belt.CISO@Carlsberg
In this episode I was speaking to Yoni, the CISO of Bluevine. Yoni has reflected on his own experience in maturing into the role of the CISO and outlined some facts about what’s important to note when you run an information security operation in a the Fintech industry. Join us to learn more about Yoni...
In this episode I spoke to Hilik Kotler, the CISO of FICO and his 20 years journey that lead him to his current role. From his early days as an information security consultant, to his becoming a founder of an innovating startup and his subsequent transition into the corporate world at Amdocs and then at...
In this episode, I talked with Hanan Schwartzbord, CISO of Marvell. Join us to learn about Hanan.

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